U.S.VETS – Phoenix began providing services to veterans in October of 2001. It is one of two locations in Arizona and serves 175-200 veterans each day.

We also provide supportive and case management services to about 30 veterans in the long term supportive housing provided by Cloudbreak.

  • U.S.VETS – Phoenix Staff Recognition Awards

    On July 11th, U.S.VETS - Phoenix celebrated our annual staff awards dinner.  Executive Director John Scott, MSW, thanked all of the staff for their tireless work contributing to such a successful fiscal year.  Since July of 2013, U.S.VETS - Phoenix has increased our capacity to serve veterans by obtaining a Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) grant that serves 400 veteran households. We have also completed and filled the 131-unit Grand Avenue Permanent Supportive Housing Program, as well as all 50 one-bedroom apartments for the Transition in Place Program at the newest U.S.VETS programs operations at Garfield Commons.  In all, U.S.VETS - Phoenix now houses 261 veterans daily, provides rental assistance to over 400 veteran households annually, and encounters over 1,000 veterans within Maricopa County annually. Thank you to all of the staff for your hard work and dedication. Special recognition goes to:

  • Vets Take It to the Table

    It was a long, hot day of intense competition at U.S.VETS – Phoenix when the first Ping Pong Championship Tournament was held! The Residence Counsel created a ten person bracket, and each match was referred by fellow veterans. Female and male veterans alike grabbed their paddles and took it to the table early in that morning. Elimination after elimination, it finally came down to Mr. Clarence Hardison and Mr. Deric Bryant as the last two standing. The completion was tough, but in the end Mr. Bryant emerged as the first U.S. VETS Ping Pong Champion. Congratulations Deric, and thanks to everyone who came out for the fun!

  • Meet a Veteran: James

    My name is James, and I am 26 years old. I served in the Army active duty from 2009-2011, with the National Guard from 2011 – 2012, and had one tour in Afghanistan. After coming home I was living with my brother, who also served in the Army and completed a tour in Iraq. I was having trouble finding employment, so I starting using drugs and drinking. I decided I didn’t want to waste my life by drinking and just hanging out. The first thing I needed to do was find a place away from the drinking and drug use. I started searching for someone who could help me, and started making phone calls. Soon I got in touch with Michael, the VIP Coordinator for U.S.VETS – Phoenix. He listened to my problems and concerns, and assessed me for placement in the program. I told him that I knew I needed to be sober, but that my brother was going to have a big party that weekend and I needed to get away from that element. Even though an apartment wouldn’t open up for another six days, Michael found space for me in an emergency bed and I had a new place to stay that same night. I stayed in VIP for six days, and then moved into the Garfield apartments. I have been sober for over 7 months. I am employed part-time and going to school full-time under the GI bill, on a career path that I like. I […]

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