Thank You to all who joined us for this special event.

U.S.VETS held the third annual “Salute”, a special event to honor those who make a positive impact in the lives of veterans, on November 3 at the Beverly Hilton.

This year, U.S.VETS presented the Judge Harry Pregerson Public Service Award to Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Dan Goldenberg of the Call of Duty Endowment.

Special speakers at the event included two U.S.VETS clients, Malcolm Harvey and Sandra Greenman, who shared their stories and encouraged guests to contribute so that more veterans like themselves could get the help they need through U.S.VETS programs.

The evening was a great success, and U.S.VETS would like to express our appreciation to all those who attended or made a contribution.

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The Judge Harry Pregerson
Public Service Award

In 2013, in commemoration of our 20th anniversary, U.S.VETS created the Judge Harry Pregerson Public Service Award.

The award honors individuals, foundations and corporations who make outstanding contributions to the veteran community and whose accomplishments can be viewed as models of public service within and outside the work environment.

The award recognizes individuals who exhibit the highest standards of excellence, dedication, and accomplishment over a sustained period of time.

9. Pregerson PictureMore than anyone else, Judge Harry Pregerson is responsible for the existence of U.S.VETS. He formed our first Board of Directors. He also located the building that became our first site, pointed at it and said I want that building to be a home for homeless veterans. And he brought together the people who could make it so.

Judge Pregerson served as a 1st lieutenant in the Marine Corps from 1944 to 1946 and fought in the South Pacific war where he was severely wounded during the Battle of Okinawa. The battle has been referred to as the typhoon of steel referring to the ferocity of the fighting, and the intensity of kamikaze attacks from the Japanese defenders.

After the war, he attended University of California, Los Angeles (1947) and earned his law degree from the University of California, Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law. He was appointed to the Ninth Circuit in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter.

During his confirmation hearings to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, he made the front pages when the Senate Judiciary Committee asked what he would do if he faced a choice between following the law or his conscience.

My conscience is a product of the Ten Commandments, the Bill of Rights, the Boy Scout oath, and the Marine Corps Hymn, he said at the time. If I had to follow my conscience or the law, I would follow my conscience.

Judge Pregerson has dedicated much of his life to helping underserved members of society, using his influence, and considerable persuasive powers as a staunch advocate for the homelessparticularly veterans and families.

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