A Message From U.S.VETS

The civil unrest, and incidents that led to it over the last weeks have prompted some very frank conversations amongst our leadership, staff and those we serve. This, of course, comes on top of COVID-19, and the increasing number of people, and veterans, who have lost their livelihoods, or who are struggling with mental health, isolation or sobriety.

In addition to delivering housing and services to veterans in need, we must remain dedicated advocates for those veterans who have no voice. As a community, we are grieving for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and too many others. These incidents are stark examples of the systemic racism that still exists in our country. Throughout our history, we have fought side by side with men and women of all races to defend our nation. We understand the anger and frustration of African-Americans and people of color, and we will not abandon them now. Our Armed Forces have always fought to protect the ideals that we aspire to. Similarly, U.S.VETS is committed to lifting up the veterans and communities we serve, and working toward a more just society.

The conversations that we are having with our staff and with the veterans we serve are vital. It is important that we be willing to listen, and to let both colleagues and clients know that we are here to help them work through their concerns, their frustrations, and their fears. We can lean into difficult conversations with a willingness to learn from one another and heal together.

Despite all these challenges, our team has remained laser focused on our mission, serving thousands of veterans who rely on us daily, and many more that need our help at this fraught time. Across U.S.VETS, each of you have put our veterans at the forefront through programs, administration, community outreach and advocacy. We are honored to serve with you, particularly in these challenging times, which shape our character and show what we are made of.

Stephen J. Peck
President & CEO

Darryl J. Vincent
Chief Operating Officer

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