ADVANCE Women’s Program Opens in Hawaii!

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Female veterans in Hawaii have a new place to call home as the ADVANCE Women’s Program opens its doors at U.S.VETS – Barbers Point.

According to the VA, one in five female veterans experience Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Because of this high rate of sexual assault or harassment, female veterans are more likely to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than their male counterparts. As a result, female vets have a high rate of mental illness, alcoholism, depression, and physical illness, which affects their education, housing, employment, and home management. On a given night, female vets make up five percent of the nation’s homeless veterans.

With an increasing number of women serving in the armed forces over the past several years, programs such as ADVANCE are crucial. Created at U.S.VETS – Long Beach in 2001, ADVANCE strives to meet the specific needs of female vets. Thanks to a collaborative effort with the YWCA of Oah’u, the program is now available at to serve female veterans in Hawaii through U.S.VETS.

For more information about the ADVANCE Women’s Program at U.S.VETS – Barbers Point, please contact Shelli McDow-Gillard at 808.291.0370.

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