ADVANCE Women’s Program in Hawai’i To Open Soon!

 In Barbers Point

Thanks to the collaborative efforts between U.S.VETS – Barbers Point and the YWCA of Oah’u, homeless women veterans can look forward to a safe and sober living environment along with additional supportive services that will help them get back on their feet. This joint venture allows U.S.VETS clinical staff, in collaboration with the VA, to provide clinical care and services to Hawaii’s homeless women veterans many of which suffer from military sexual trauma and would benefit from a facility that serves specifically women. The YWCA’s Fernhurst Residence will provide this facility with 10 rooms consisting of 20 beds. The program will resemble the ADVANCE Women’s Program already established at U.S.VETS Long Beach, which has been extremely successful in helping our female heroes.

It is a much needed opportunity for them to address their specific needs and, most importantly, know that this is a battle that they will not go through alone.

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