U.S.VETS is proud to honor the life and legacy of Carolina Winston Barrie.

A generous gift from Mrs. Barrie’s ancestor secured 300 acres of land in West Los Angeles with the hopes of ensuring Veterans would always have a home in Los Angeles.

A fierce advocate for Veterans and soldiers, Mrs. Barrie made it her life’s work to honor the original purpose of the land. To that end, she founded the 1887 Fund to develop and restore the historic buildings on the site. The mission of the fund is to continue the intended legacy of support and honor to America’s Veterans.

The West Los Angeles Collective, U.S.VETS, Thomas Safran and Associates, and Century Housing are proud to continue this vital work in Carolina’s honor.

Thank you to anybody who would donate to the restoration of these buildings. It would be extremely gratifying to see that done in the last years of my life.
–Carolina Winston Barrie

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