Congratulations to Darryl Vincent and Kimberley Cook!

 In Barbers Point

Darryl J. Vincent was recently appointed the position of U.S.VETS Chief Operating Officer, being directly responsible for the supervision of Executive Directors at all 11 sites along with national oversight of overall operations of U.S.VETS. Darryl joined the U.S.VETS team in 2003 as a Veterans In Progress (VIP) Program Manager. Within a year, he was selected as Site Director of the U.S.VETS-Hawaii program. Soon after, he was chosen to be the National Director of Programs and Operations and later moved on as the Vice President of Programs. With his 18 years of work in the social service field, this is, indeed, a promotion well deserved. Mahalo Darryl for your continued commitment and devotion to serving veterans and the U.S.VETS staff!

Also, it is with extreme honor to announce that Dr. Kimberley Cook has been selected as the Executive Director of the Barber’s Point site in Hawaii. Kim has been the Clinical Supervisor at the site for over 2 years and has worked nationally with the clinical team in establishing best practices for our organization. In addition to her normal duties, Kim has been directing the site for the past year, and this promotion just validates her hard work and dedication to Hawaii’s veterans and staff. We are very excited with what she brings to the team and look forward to her leadership. Congrats, Kim!

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