Congresswoman Visits ADVANCE to Discuss Female Veterans’ Issues

 In Barbers Point

During Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s recent week in Hawaii, the ADVANCE Hawaii Women’s Program was honored to have her visit the site at its YWCA Fernhurst location on Friday, February 22, 2013. Those who were also in attendance included Military Affairs Liaison Nathan Miyake, Chief of Staff Jennifer Goedke, YWCA CEO Kimberly Frank and U.S.VETS staff – Darryl Vincent, Kimberley Cook, Jennifer Lloyd, Shelli McDow-Gillard, and Advisory Council Chair Kehau Amorin. It was a great opportunity for all parties to discuss female veteran issues, ranging from reasons for homelessness to what services are needed. While the visit itself was brief, it was indeed encouraging to know that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard shares the same passion for finding solutions to veterans issues.

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  • ethel

    I have a dear friend that is in desperate need of help regarding VA claims
    He has gone through the VA and seems that he gets the run around. He needs
    someone to help him, if someone can contact him to assist in his needs it would greatly
    be appreciated

    • U.S.VETS

      If you go to the page of the location nearest your friend (click here to find them all), you can find contact info for his specific needs – or call the National Office at 213.542.2600 and we will direct you to someone who can help.

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