COPE NORTH 2017 Soldiers Volunteer at Guam HOPTEL

 In Barbers Point

On Saturday, February 25th, seventeen soldiers participating in the COPE NORTH 2017 Exercises volunteered at U.S.VETS’ HOPTEL facility in Guam. COPE NORTH is an international effort that brings together soldiers from Australia, Japan, and Guam each year to promote military stability and security throughout the Pacific region involve themselves in the community by volunteering their service.

U.S.VETS’ HOPTEL program is one of the very few temporary housing programs available to veterans on the island. The program, which is managed out of U.S.VETS – Barber’s Point in Hawaii, serves about 20 at-risk and medically-fragile veterans transitioning from a hospital stay back to the community each year.

The COPE NORTH volunteer soldiers helped with some much needed landscape cleanup at the housing facility. They trimmed plants, picked up debris, and collected waste. Most importantly, they helped U.S.VETS connect with the mayor’s office to ensure that all yard waste materials would be collected at no cost in the future. Soldiers also promised to make their volunteer service at the Guam HOPTEL an annual commitment.

Thank you to all seventeen soldiers who came out to volunteer and support our veterans by improving their living area!

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