Darryl Vincent presents “Message of Aloha” at the Honolulu City Council Inauguration Ceremony

 In Barbers Point

On January 2, Chief Operating Officer Darryl Vincent had the honor of giving the Message of Aloha at the Honolulu City Council Inauguration Ceremony in front of Senators, Representatives, City Council Chair, Council Members, and community supporters. Darryl spoke about the Hawaiian’s culture of Ohana, strong sense of family that allows us to take care of one another. “My work inspires my belief and today I am inspired,” he said. “I am inspired to reflect on what is important to us. It’s up to us to make the positive change by giving back to the community in which we live.”

To watch the session and see Darryl’s full speech, please click here. (Darryl’s introduction begins at 5:30)

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