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We’d like to recognize the staff at U.S.VETS for their hard work and dedication to serving veterans. Our mission could not continue without a staff who is truly committed to providing veterans with the highest caliber of care. U.S.VETS – Inland Empire recently received the following note from the local VA Outreach department, acknowledging the impact they made in the life of a veteran:

I wanted to send you a note about your staff at the Permanent Supportive Housing Program (PSHP). Last week, I encountered a veteran whom had no resources at all. He was homeless for a very long time and had no support system, no money, no cell phone and nowhere to go. He actually was sleeping out in the elements by the hospital for a while. I made contact with your staff and they were able to see the veteran the same day that I placed the call. I had the privilege of seeing them interview the veteran for the program and was so impressed by their ease and ability to quickly build rapport with this veteran. They was professional, but at the same time made the veteran feel welcome. During the interview, one of your staff noticed the veteran’s clothes were tattered and warn and inquired about this. The veteran stated all the clothing he had were on his body. May I just say to you that through the work of your staff that day, this veteran received clothing, food and a place to live! It was amazing to watch and warmed my heart to see the overwhelmed look on this veteran’s face when he was told he was no longer going to be homeless. It was my pleasure to see two U.S.VETS employees in action and I thought you would be interested in what a great interaction this veteran had with them! They are amazing!

 Thank you to the amazing staff at U.S.VETS – Inland Empire, and at all of our sites across the country.

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