Dr. Kim Cook is U.S.VETS Executive Director of the Year

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Dr. Kimberley Cook, of U.S.VETS – Barber’s Point, has been selected as Executive Director of the Year for 2016.

Over the last year, Dr. Cook has done tremendous work to ensure that the veterans at the Barber’s Point site and within the Kalaeloa community receive the highest standard of care and support. Over the last year, Dr. Cook has led her site commendably, expanding programs and increasing services for veterans and their families.

One of the biggest accomplishments for Dr. Cook and her team last year was to earn accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), an independent, nonprofit organization that surveys and accredits health and human services providers worldwide. CARF accreditation is a public seal of trust and commitment to quality based on internationally accepted standards. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates commitment to exceptional, personalized care. In order to receive the highest level of CARF accreditation, an organization must undergo a detailed peer review process, and demonstrate to a team of surveyors, during an on-site visit, its commitment to providing programs and services of the highest quality. Dr. Cook showed admirable leadership of her team as they underwent the long, intensive process to receive this prestigious accreditation.

COO Darryl Vincent and ED of the Year Dr. Kim Cook

The award was presented to Dr. Cook at U.S.VETS’ Executive Director’s conference in Los Angeles on February 2, 2017. The conference, which brings together the executive directors from all 11 U.S.VETS sites across the country, as well as senior staff from the National office, provides an opportunity to share best practices and pursue innovative methods to continue providing top-quality care and services to veterans at all of our residential sites, service centers, and communities.

Darryl Vincent, Chief Operating Officer, presented the award while thanking Dr. Cook for her profound impact to both the Barber’s Point site and the organization as a whole. Everyone at U.S.VETS would like to echo his sentiments and congratulate Dr. Cook on this well-deserved honor.

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