Feed the Children rolls into Vegas to feed 400 families

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This story appeared on My News 3 on December 12, 2012.

On Tuesday, 18 wheels of hope rolled into Las Vegas carrying food and goodies for families trying to make it. Not only through the holidays but through this recession.

It pulled into the U.S.VETS building today near Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonanza.

Feed the Children teamed up with Speedway Children’s Charities to assist 400 families.

Frank Soliz and his family are grateful for the help. He has a minimum wage job and it’s tough for his family of four.

“It’s just barely getting us by right now but this is going to be a big handout in helping us out, not just for us but for the kids and the holidays is coming you know. It’s going to help us out a lot,” Soliz said.

“It’s just hard right now, you know there are very few jobs and those who do have jobs are very lucky to have the jobs so we’re very fortunate this Christmas,” said Frank’s wife, Danielle Soliz.

There were boxes of food containing lots of non-perishables. Other boxes contained household items and cleaning supplies. And for women, there were smaller boxes containing toiletries and other cosmetics.

“The face of hunger in America has really changed and it really doesn’t matter what city you’re in there is a need everywhere, so it’s tough to see that there’s people that you might not expect standing in this line today but they might have just lost their job or their home, so it kind of tugs at the heart strings,” said Morgan Loomis of Feed the Children.

Families weren’t the only recipients of boxes. Singles including veterans received boxes. Michael Chaidez is trying to find work.

“A lot of us here don’t have a whole lot going for us so knowing that someone cares really makes a difference,” Chaidez said.

Feed the Children visits cities across the country in need, sometimes after natural disaster or tragic events such as the BP oil disaster.

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  • Neil Stevens

    Very cool. Was this just a one time thing, or will it be recurring? If so, any idea when and if they’ll need extra volunteers?

  • marian chudner

    I am president of a Ladies Auxillary of Post 21 here in Las Vegas. We would like to able to help
    a family in need. I need to have information to take to my board. I would like to know who to contact about this. I can be reached by e-mail at the address above.

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