From On-Ramp to Outreach

 In Inland Empire

Richard joined the Air Force after graduating from high school and served for two and-a-half years. Prior to his service he had struggled with alcoholism. After he was discharged, he married and started a family, thinking his past addiction was behind him. Motivated by his children, he remained sober for 13 years.

Not until Richard went through a divorce and took on the difficult role of a single parent did his past catch up with him. Unable to hold down a job and increasingly depressed he relapsed. His situation deteriorated further until Richard found himself homeless and living on the on-ramp to the 60 freeway in Riverside.

After years of persistent encouragement and pleading, Richard’s family finally convinced him to seek treatment. Richard came to U.S.VETS-Riverside and enrolled in the Veteran In Progress (VIP) residential work program, which helps veterans prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.

With the help of mentors and program supporters, Richard has been sober for over a year. He has joined the U.S.VETS team as a Veteran Service Coordinator dedicating his time and efforts to other veterans in need.

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