Healing Through Art

 In Phoenix

Mr. Jimmy Lee Brown, a resident of the U.S.VETS – Phoenix Veterans in Progress (VIP) program, was recently selected by the VA to have his artwork on display at the Phoenix VA Hospital.

Jimmy contacted the Volunteer Resource office at the VA to ask about the process of donating his artwork. Jimmy says he felt he needed to give something back to those who have given so much to him and helped him get healthy again. Jimmy worked with Linda Beaton, VA designer, over a period of a month and a half until his submission was completed. He later received a letter that told him his painting had been approved to be displayed proudly in the halls of the VA.

Jimmy started creating art at the age of 6, and has continued throughout his life. Jimmy finds that creating art calms him, and helps him focus his creative talents in one area. Jimmy has been a resident of U.S.VETS-Phoenix for five and a half months and is thankful for the opportunity presented to him by U.S.VETS-Phoenix, stating that “the help and assistance has been invaluable on so many levels.”

One of Jimmy’s favorite’s quotes comes from the artist Degas, “Only when the Artist no longer knows what he is doing does he begin to do Good things.”

Congratulations, Jimmy!

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