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Veterans who visit U.S.VETS represent a variety of needs as diverse as the veterans themselves. Some seek employment assistance. Some require mental health treatment to help them fully reintegrate into civilian society. Some need help finding affordable housing options for themselves or their families. These issues are just a few of those addressed by U.S.VETS with a wide spectrum of supportive programs.

Contributions make it possible for U.S.VETS to offer essential services thatsupport the individuals who stood up when their country needed them. As troops return home, U.S.VETS strives to be a leader in innovative programs that empower our evolving veteran population with the tools they need to become self sufficient. If not for your help, many veterans would struggle to adjust to civilian life, facing issues like homelessness and substance abuse without the support system U.S.VETS provides.

At U.S.VETS, our work is not done until every veteran is served.
Your support can make a difference.

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When you give to U.S.VETS,
you give more.

86¢ of every dollar you donate goes directly to providing crucial services to veterans and their family members, such as housing, employment assistance, counseling, and more. Your contribution goes further and helps more veterans in need.

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