U.S.VETS job developers help veterans create a professional resume and assist them to reach their ultimate goal – job placement.

The unemployment rate among veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts is significantly higher than that of the civilian population and can be expected to worsen as the war in Afghanistan winds down.

U.S.VETS Career Development Initiative (CDI) was designed specifically to help post-9/11 veterans find and maintain employment. Recently awarded the Call of Duty Endowments Seal of Distinction, recognizing U.S.VETS as best in class at placing veterans into jobs, CDI has an established track record of working closely with local businesses in key sectors to understand their needs, preparing veterans for the workforce, placing them in living wage positions and following up with employers and employees during the first year of employment to ensure successful outcomes.

CDI is currently available to employers and job seekers in California, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, and Washington D.C. If you are interested in hiring qualified veterans, please contact us.

For opportunities to employ veterans in other parts of the country, please contact the workforce department at your local U.S.VETS site.

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