In the News: Chief Operating Officer, Darryl Vincent, and His Fight to End Homelessness Amongst Veterans

 In Barbers Point, Waianae

ABC News recently featured U.S.VETS Chief Operating Officer Darryl Vincent and his work with homeless veterans in Hawaii on their Second Tour segment. Darryl provided personal context to his work furthering the mission of U.S.VETS mission and services it offers by sharing his experiences as a Marine himself, and the challenges he faced when he first moved to Hawai’i. “We were always taught to give back to the community, so I never grew up thinking I’d be a social worker but it ended up being that way once I saw the gratification that came from it and also seeing it provided me a sense of fulfillment.”

Darryl has always had one mission in mind – to get homeless veterans off the street. In his 10 years at U.S.VETS, he has opened amazing doors to new partnerships, secured more funding, and opened new sites. U.S.VETS is thankful for his exceptional, visionary leadership, for the lives he has changed, and for the future leaders he mentors.

Click here to see the full video.

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