IN THE NEWS: Getting Life Back on Track

 In In the News, Prescott

This story originally appeared in The Daily Courier on January 9, 2018.

Steve Miller is a one-time homeless veteran who soon expects to have keys to his own home.

Beyond shelter, Miller credits U.S.VETS in Prescott with offering him much-needed encouragement to clean up his credit so he could obtain the financing required to reclaim his slice of the American dream – a home where he chooses the wall colors, the draperies and the furnishings.

“They helped me out when I had no place else to go; they got me off the streets,” said Miller, 68, a former U.S. Navy sailor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who served from 1967 to 1971. “They (staff) treat you like you’re one of their kids. At Christmas time, they gave us gifts, backpacks and other essentials.”

Most importantly, Miller said, the staff helped him regain faith in himself with their belief in him.

“They gave me the opportunity to relax … to save money and do what I needed to do without worrying where I’m going to be,” said Miller, the father of five children and two grandchildren…

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