24-24-24 Challenge

 In Barbers Point, Houston, Inglewood, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Long Beach, National, Patriotic Hall, Phoenix, Prescott, Waianae, Washington D.C.

  • MAY 24, 2017

Are you up to the challenge?

By joining the 24-24-24 Challenge, you can help make a difference for homeless and at-risk veterans and their families. Become a fundraiser on behalf of U.S.VETS and encourage your friends and family to give. Every donation made through your fundraising page will help us continue to provide housing and support services to veterans in need.

The Challenge:







If you can enlist 24 people to donate $24 each on May 24 (or raise the equivalent $576 on your fundraiser page), you will be recognized as a Challenge Champion!

Do you have what it takes?

A $24 donation is all it takes to feed a low-income veteran family of six for a day, or to provide transportation to medical appointments for a senior veteran, or to give a homeless veteran a haircut and new clothes as they transition from life on the streets.

How It Works:

Click here to register as a Fundraiser for the 24-24-24 Challenge on EverydayHero. Click “Start Fundraising” to create your profile, then spread the word to your family and friends and invite them to donate through your page on May 24!

Join one of our U.S.VETS site teams to support efforts in a specific location, or campaign solo and the money you help raise will be used where it’s needed most.

Use #usvets24 to help spread the word throughout the month of May, and let your followers know why you show your support for our nation’s veterans by giving to U.S.VETS.

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