Houston Outreach Team Helps Homeless Beat the Heat

hou outreach 5Skyrocketing triple-digit temperatures are deadly for homeless veterans living on the streets of Houston.

U.S.VETS – Houston, with locations in Midtown and a service center in downtown serving more than a hundred veterans every day, has come to the aid of their former comrades by distributing water and other essentials to the men and women living without shelter.

“We launched an outreach effort to find and care for these veterans,” said Tom Mitchell, who heads U.S.VETS- Houston.  “We want to bring them in, but right now we have a wait list for beds, so at least we can get them some water and get their names so we can bring them in as soon as we have room.”

Temperatures reached 110 degrees during the heat wave.

“Yesterday we encountered 41 homeless individuals,” said Outreach Coordinator Oskar J. Gonzalez-Yetzirah, a former Marine Corps sergeant. “ Ten veterans were directed to U.S.VETS’ Service Center. Although everyone we encountered was not a veteran, we wanted to bring all of them some relief to show that someone is thinking about them.”

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