Verizon Gives $50,000 to U.S.VETS for Jobs Program

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Steve Peck, President & CEO of U.S.VETS, with Mike Murray, director of Verizon’s Government & External Affairs in Southern California

U.S.VETS has received a $50,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation to assist the organization in helping veterans find jobs. The grant will be used at the U.S.VETS sites in Inglewood and Long Beach, California.

“Verizon is very proud of its partnership with U.S. VETS,” said Mike Murray, director of Verizon’s Government & External Affairs in Southern California. “We’re working to transition veterans who have served this country into the workforce.”

The Veterans in Progress Workforce Programs being funded by Verizon provide occupational skills training, job retention support and other essential employment services.

“U.S.VETS is not just about helping homeless veterans,” said Stephen J. Peck, president and CEO. “We are also devoted to preventing homelessness and nothing is more important in achieving that goal than to have a good job.”

The Verizon Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Verizon Corporation. Verizon is dedicated to solving critical social issues in the areas of education, healthcare and energy management, particularly in underserved communities.

  • ray fetui

    Steve peck, president and CEO…
    just wanna thank you for the love and support that you show our veterans, along with our homelessness community. I am a resident here at the waianae u.s vets in Honolulu Hawaii. I would like to here from you soon or hoping that you will get this message. There are some things that needs to be said and heard. Thank you Ray,

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