Home Depot Spruces Up U.S.VETS – Phoenix

In April, over 250 volunteers from Home Depot gave Grand Veterans Village a major facelift.  Volunteers painted the entire exterior of the 4 acre property, installed new flooring in the administration building, created a playground for veterans with children, planted several trees and a garden, and fixed problems with the irrigation systems.

This special project was spearheaded by local and National Home Depot foundation members, and the new foundation Executive Director Gaven Gregory. John Scott, Executive Director for U.S.VETS – Phoenix, stated, “It truly is impressive to see such a coordinated and professional effort to increase the quality of life for the veterans we serve. Home Depot was able to finish projects in one day that would take our small staff years to complete.”

The event was a great success. Veterans at Grand Veterans Village were treated to lunch, and many assisted in the rehabilitation efforts.  Special thanks to Gaven Gregory, Kendall McCarthy, John Fox, and Ryan Oda for all the coordination that made the event such a tremendous success.

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