Meet a Veteran: Ebony

I served in the United States Marines for 8 years as a Sergeant, and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Due to the intelligence that I and the intelligence section provided, all of the troops in my unit returned home after the deployment. After separating the Marines, I worked a lot but struggled to find a rewarding career.

I enrolled in the Career Development Initiative (CDI) through U.S.VETS and received coaching on building a resume geared for a career position. My CDI rep also helped me develop phone interview skills.  The combination of coaching, resume help, interview tips and structured update helped me obtain a great position.

Before exiting the Marines, I knew I wanted a rewarding career with a solid company, but I was unsure of what path to take or what to do first.  I had been unsettled since getting out of the Marines because I wasn’t sure where to live or where to work.

I am confident if it had not been for the CDI Program, my chances of landing a career would be slim.  I am proud to announce that I now work for a great company with a great salary and growth potential.