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I truly have to attest; I dont know where I would be without the help and aid of U.S.VETS. I have to give them special thanks for being a part of that process of helping me and encouraging me to never give up.


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  • Fred Oringer

    I also wanted to express an attitude of gratitude to the staff at US Vets Las Vegas NV. I would additionally express my thanks to Larry Williams, whose inspiration on at least 3 occasions has greatly influenced my life. With Larry’s help, I have grown into an asset to society, and seek the opportunity to assist others, so I may grow spiritually.

    My road to recovery started July 26th 2005, and I’ve had at least 2 bumbs in the road due to the economy. But because of the teachings of the staff at US Vets, I managed to maintain a clean lifestyle, and I progressed into stability based upon their guidance and love.

    This is a message of love and gratitude to the staff of US Vets Las Vegas Nevada, who, despite my initial character defects, did not desert me, but rather guided me, and assisted me with matters regarding legal issues, addiction, and training.

    I am and always will be, grateful for what you have done for me.

    Love you guys,
    Fred Oringer
    US VETS-Las Vegas Nevada
    CLEAN DATE: 07/26/2005

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