Long May She Wave at U.S.VETS – St Louis

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On June 22, a team of father-daughter volunteers from the Veiled Prophet organization came out to U.S.VETS – St. Louis as part of their Community Service Initiative. About thirty volunteers added some beautiful landscaping to the property, including fresh mulch and flowers. They also donated and erected a flag pole to raise the colors at U.S.VETS’ newest site. Veiled Prophet is a St. Louis institution, with a 135 year history of supporting the community. The Community Service Initiative is an opportunity to involve members and their daughters in community service with various local organizations. Since 2003, the Community Service Initiative has helped strengthen the community and positively impacted the lives of many underserved citizens of St. Louis.

When the volunteers visited their local Home Depot store to buy the plants and flowers for the project, they met the assistant manager, Matt Arnold. Matt and his associate Garrett Trapp donated the $400 worth of plants when they learned that the project was for a veterans organization nearby. Having served in Afghanistan as a Marine himself – and receiving a Purple Heart, Matt generously wanted to show his support for U.S.VETS – St. Louis. He even came down to the site, decked in his orange apron, to help raise the flagpole.

Many thanks to Veiled Prophet for making U.S.VETS a part of this year’s Community Service Initiative, and thanks to Matt and the Home Depot for the generous donation!

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