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ArtAs a veteran of the U.S. Army and father of three, I understand what it means to work hard. But as so many people do, I found myself out of work. When I came to U.S.VETS for help finding a job, I had been unemployed for several years. Finding employers who would take someone that didn’t have recent work experience, let alone any relevant work experience, was a difficult obstacle to overcome.

I enrolled into the Career Development Initiative (CDI). They helped me rewrite my cover letter and resume to focus on my skills. Before and after each interview, I received coaching on what to expect, especially since each interviewer would want to know about my long stretch of unemployment. This helped boost my confidence to impress potential employers – CDI even got me a new suit to wear to interviews.

Through CDI I was able to get a job in contract administration from a national company, at a higher wage than I had hoped for. U.S.VETS not only gave me the employment assistance I needed, but also gave me the moral support and confidence to get me through the difficulty of unemployment.  The people at U.S.VETS have the compassion and knowledge to help veterans. Without U.S.VETS and CDI, I may not have been given this incredible life-altering opportunity.

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