Meet a Veteran: Cory

 In Las Vegas, Success Stories

Cory M FamilyCory carried a high level of responsibility, honor and love for his country while in the United States Air Force—serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn.

Following his final deployment and return home in March 2015, however, the lack of structure to civilian life became a huge challenge for Cory. Dealing with the effects of what he witnessed during combat, as well as with the anxiety left by the long-term separations from his family he’d endured, Cory found himself struggling now to support himself and his loved ones.

Financial troubles led Cory and his wife to file for bankruptcy.  Soon after that, they relocated from South Dakota to Las Vegas, to live with Cory’s in-laws, due to the couple’s difficulty finding employment.

Unfortunately, this string of misfortune continued, as the family house they were living in went into foreclosure. Cory, his wife, their two daughters and their dog were forced to live out of their vehicle for several months.

Cory was referred to U.S.VETS – Las Vegas by an OIF/OEF agent at the VA hospital in summer 2015, and began receiving help from the SSVF Program on the same day that he was assessed. He and his family were housed shortly thereafter.

Both Cory and his wife have college degrees, and while under the care of U.S.VETS, Cory’s wife was able to obtain employment for the fall as a first grade teacher in the local school district. Cory is going through the process of obtaining a teaching license.  Today, they remain together with their two girls and their dog—but this time around, they’re living in a place of their own.

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