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Jeff SA veteran of the U.S. Army, Jeff S arrived at U.S.VETS – Prescott after a two-year run of homelessness and addiction. During that time, he says he would pick up any odd jobs he could muster to support his habits and dysfunctional lifestyle.

What cause him to seek help? A “spiritual nudge,” as he calls it — when he found out he would soon become a father. He sought treatment through the Domiciliary Treatment Program offered by the VA, and began to get sober.

By this time Jeff had made it to six months sober, he had also begun to invest in his professional future by returning to school. Life was changing all around him, and for the first time in decades it was leading him in a positive, productive and exciting direction. This is about when he found his way to U.S.VETS – Prescott.

You can see hope in Jeff’s eyes today and it’s contagious.  When asked how he believes these positive events have taken place, he starts by explaining that he followed the instructions given to him.

“It’s clear to me that it’s my thinking that got me into trouble. At U.S.VETS – Prescott, I’ve done everything that the clinical team has asked of me.” Jeff said. “I don’t like change but I want to get better, so I do it regardless of how I feel!”  The combination of his recovery program and U.S.VETS’ “true and sound guidelines,” as he phrases it, has taught him tolerance, forgiveness, patience and humility.

In August this year, Jeff was successfully discharged from the U.S.VETS – Prescott facility and moved into a place of his own. “I have a new lease on life where I’m sober, looking to start my own business,” he said. He is also still focused on raising his son, whom he calls “my spark of hope.”

Congratulations to Jeff for such hard work!

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