Meet a Veteran: William

 In Phoenix, Success Stories

williamWilliam S served in the United States Air Force as an Administrative Specialist. After leaving the service, he faced many unexpected challenges. He was laid off and had difficulty finding employment. As a result, he lost his job he was not able to pay rent and found himself homeless.

Then he learned about U.S.VETS – Phoenix and was able to be placed into the Veterans In Process (VIP) program, which offers onsite intensive case management focusing on employment, life skills, sobriety maintenance and relapse prevention.

“U.S.VETS has provided a roof over my head and has helped to remove a barrier with the help of my case manager. Currently, I am working a part-time job and hope to transition within the next three months,” William says.

One of the therapeutic programs that William takes part in each week and is offered to veterans enrolled in programs at U.S.VETS – Phoenix is Equine Therapy with Lennon Equine Therapy in Glendale, Arizona.

“I was really impressed with the Equine Therapy Program offered by U.S.VETS. It was a pleasure meeting Annette, Bob, and Linda and being around the horses has a calming and relaxing effect on a person – reminded me of growing up on my grandparent’s farm in East Texas.”

According to Dr. Arnold, Clinical Director, “Equine Therapy helps veterans learn about themselves by participating in this activity with the horses, and then the veteran can process feelings. It involves ground activities and no riding takes place. Non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, and problem solving as well as cultivating healthy relationships are among the many skill sets that equine therapy develops for the veteran.”

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