Since 1993, U.S.VETS has engaged over 158,000 veterans, helped more than 57,000 veterans have a place to call home and placed 14,000 veterans into employment.

U.S.VETS provides comprehensive support services to men and women from every walk of life, from every branch of the military, who have served from WWII to the current conflict in Afghanistan.


Meet a Veteran: Malcolm

Growing up, Malcom never felt that he was part of a real family. His search for a sense of community led him to join the U.S. Navy - until he witnessed the death of one of his best friends, killed in a naval training accident. Unable to cope with the untimely death of his friend, Malcom sought solace in drugs and alcohol and sank into substance abuse, which eventually led to his dismissal from the service.


Meet a Veteran: Jose

My name is Jose and I am a Vietnam veteran who was drafted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1973. I served five years and then returned home and settled down in Chandler, Arizona. I have a large and extended family, with ten grand-kids, but problems with drugs over the years have caused burnt bridges with my […]


Meet a Veteran: Mickey

Upon his return to civilian life, Mickey was faced with a set of challenges he was neither prepared nor willing to face - the biggest of which was the news that he was going to be a father. "The thought of becoming a dad scared me so badly that I literally sought escape in a bottle, then two, then three until I had to rely on alcohol just to get out of bed," Mickey says.


Meet a Veteran: Cory

Following his final deployment and return home in March 2015, the lack of structure to civilian life became a huge challenge for Cory. Dealing with the effects of what he witnessed during combat, as well as with the anxiety left by the long-term separations from his family he’d endured, Cory found himself struggling now to support himself and his loved ones.


Meet a Veteran: Lionel

"Upon transitioning into the civilian lifestyle, I found myself not able to make ends meet. Eventually I had so few resources, I was living in my car, under a bridge at the Honolulu Airport. Thanks to the support of U.S.VETS staff and my fellow soldiers, I decided that I wanted a better life for myself and for my family."


Meet a Veteran: Albert

After living in the forest for over a year, Albert had found himself at a dead end, and endured this living situation out of fear. At the time, he was jobless, hopeless and plagued by legal issues and addiction. Desperate, Albert kept searching for a way out of the vicious cycle of homelessness in which he was ensnared. He found hope when someone told Albert about U.S.VETS - Prescott, a place where he could find shelter and a real fighting chance.

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