Our goal is to help unemployed veterans find meaningful work that allows them to become self-sufficient members of civilian society. Our job assistance program is designed to assist all veterans in obtaining and maintaining employment by addressing a variety of obstacles they face, including a lack of job and life skills, and mental health and substance abuse issues.

At our state-of-the-art career centers, veterans can use computers with Internet access, email and software to help them create resumes and learn new job skills. Veterans enrolled in the job assistance program also receive voicemail and email accounts and access to fax machines, telephones and a copy center.

Our career counselors provide guidance in the development of job seeking-skills and employment goals. They assess a veterans skill sets, work experience, education and interests in order to help translate those skills to the civilian workforce.

In addition to helping veterans, our work job assistance programs benefit employers in the local community by helping them fill open positions and by stimulating economic growth at no cost to local businesses.

We provide employers with on-site recruiting space, information about tax credits and other incentives that are available to them as participants, and a support system to assist job retention. In sum, we help them suit up and boot up new hires.

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