The Texas Mental Health Program, located at U.S.VETS – Houston Midtown Campus, is funded through the Texas Veteran Commission for Veteran’s Assistance and provides free mental health services for eligible veterans.

The program provides direct clinical and crisis intervention services to veterans with chronic mental health conditions, co-occurring diagnosis, substance abuse, chronic homelessness, PTSD, and/or other mental health concerns, and fills the gap in services for those with mental health needs.

The objective of the Mental Health Program is to provide professional mental health services that assists veterans in the healing process, cultivate positive change behaviors, and live enriched and healthier lives through individual psycho-therapy, crisis intervention, groups, psycho-education classes, and other services.

For more information, please contact:

Marvin E Pruitt, MA, LPC, LCDC LBSW
Mental Health Clinician

Tasha Rogers-James, M.Ed., LPC
Mental Health Clinician

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