As the nation’s largest veteran services nonprofit, U.S.VETS provides housing, counseling, career services and comprehensive support to 5,500 veterans and their families each night. Founded in LA more than 25 years ago, U.S.VETS now has 30 residential sites and services centers across the country, with more in development. With the goal of ending veteran homelessness, U.S.VETS launched prevention programs, focused on jobs and mental health for at-risk veterans, and advocates on the State and Federal level to bring more resources to help service members transition successfully into civilian life. We will continue in our mission until no man or woman who served our country is left sleeping on its streets.

Find out how we can help you or the veteran in your life.

Women Vets on Point

Every woman’s transition from service to civilian life is unique, but feeling lost, adrift, or having worries about mental health are not uncommon. If you are struggling to find the support you [...]

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