Future of the Campus

U.S.VETS sees both the need and potential of bringing the West LA VA back to its glory days by creating an updated, thriving veteran community to cater to the large number of veterans in Los Angeles County. This will be more than just infrastructure! It will include supportive services, a town center, parks, gardens, a wellness center and even bring a transit line back to the historic Streetcar Depot that was built in 1890. By the time we are done, the West LA VA will become the largest site of supportive veteran housing in the nation!

The plan is to create more than 1,200 units of veteran housing for homeless and at-risk veterans and their families. The first development will be the renovation of Building 207, which will create 63 units of permanent supportive housing for the increasing number of homeless and at-risk senior citizen veterans.

Campus Highlights

Arroyo Pacific will be a thriving therapeutic campus with veteran and family services for more than 1,800 residents and the community at large.

Town Center
Career Center
Case Management
Mental Health

Wellness Center
Transit Plaza
Therapeutic Gardens
Community Kitchen

Athletic, Arts & Social Spaces
Community Store
Substance Use Treatment

Project Details

Groundbreaking: Pre-development Underway
Grand Opening: 2021
Site Size: 388 acres
Number of Units: 1200
Housing type: Housing + Services
Development Partners: Century Housing & Thomas Safran & Associates
Total Development Cost: $20M per each 60 unit project
Funding Sources: Prop. HHH, Measure H, TCAC, VHHP, AHP, Home Depot, CDBG, NEF & CSH Pre-development Grants

Construction Costs

U.S.VETS Units: $77,927,000
Pre-Development Costs: $10,438,132
Hard Construction Costs: $67,488,868

Project Timeline

Aug 2019

Phase 0
236 Units

Sept 2019

Phase 1
603 units

Sept 2026

Phase 2
440 units

Nov 2032

Phase 3
275 units

March 2035

Phase 4
132 units
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