Senator Roth Visits U.S.VETS – Inland Empire

 In Inland Empire

Roth1On July 17, 2014 state Senator Richard D. Roth visited the U.S.VETS facility aboard the former March Air Force Base.  U.S.VETS – Inland Empire is located on property controlled by the March Joint Powers Authority, and includes a modestly converted barracks, kitchen, computer lab and several office spaces.  The barracks and smaller building previously served as enlisted quarters and an Officer’s Club, respectively.

During the visit, Senator Roth—a retired Major General in the U.S. Air Force Reserve—met with Executive Director Eddie Estrada, who offered more insight into the program’s history and future initiatives.  Estrada briefed Sen. Roth on the operations of the facility, outlined the center’s plans for expansion, and expressed to Senator Roth the need for future funding.  Additionally, the Senator met with fellow veterans and gained a first-person perspective on life at U.S.VETS.   A focal point of the program is to end homelessness among veterans—a goal that is consistent with a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs directive.

With the support of legislators like Senator Roth, U.S.VETS will continue to provide a comprehensive continuum of services in order to successfully transition veterans to self-sufficiency in civilian life.

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