The MacNaughton Group Launches Foundation with $1M Gift to U.S.VETS

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Initial Funding Will Support Housing, Rental Assistance and other Support Services to Help Reduce Veteran Homelessness and Will Revitalize the Veteran’s Recreational Area

HONOLULU — The MacNaughton Group (TMG), a well-recognized Hawaii based real estate investment and development firm, today announced the launch of The MacNaughton Group Foundation (TMG Foundation). The TMG Foundation’s inaugural grant of $1 million was presented today to the Hawaii chapter of U.S.VETS to help them with their mission of ending homelessness for our military veterans and also to honor and recognize Mr. Alan Kidwell, a Vietnam War veteran and talented CPA who passed away in July 2011.  Mr. Kidwell was a good friend of TMG founder Duncan MacNaughton and was a trusted business advisor to TMG over the years.

U.S.VETS is a national nonprofit that assists U.S. veterans and their families with housing, counseling and career development support with a mission to end homelessness for veterans. TMG Foundation’s gift, which will be given over five years, has been earmarked for programs that increase the number of veterans who obtain permanent housing, initiatives that increase retention of housing by vets and other supportive services.

Additionally, a portion of the first installment of funding will be used to refurbish the current recreational area at the U.S.VETS – Barber’s Point.  The current recreational area, which serves as an after program hours meeting place with activities such as pool, ping pong, foosball, and darts, has suffered wear and tear as it was built as a temporary structure over 3 years ago.  The rebuilt and refurbished recreational area, including improved landscaping, will be renamed in Alan Kidwell’s honor.

“We are proud to support U.S.VETS as it strives to meet the unique needs of homeless veterans in our community and we look forward to collaborating with the excellent team at U.S. VETS to improve the quality of life for our veterans,” said Duncan MacNaughton, Founder of The MacNaughton Group and Chairman of its newly formed Foundation. “At the same time, this is a wonderful way to honor my longtime friend and advisor, Alan Kidwell, who had a soft place in his heart for veterans who struggle to re-engage in civilian life after serving our country.  We should do everything we can to assist them in their re-engagement.”

“Over the years, The MacNaughton Group, and Duncan and his partners, have supported our Hawaii community in a number of different ways including monetary support, volunteer leadership and occasionally working side by side with other volunteers on projects,” said Emily Reber Porter, EVP of TMG and VP of the Foundation. “We created The MacNaughton Group Foundation to facilitate Duncan’s and The MacNaughton Group’s passion for giving back to and supporting the Hawaii community and to create a sustainable long-term platform for philanthropy.”

“Homelessness is clearly a serious problem in Hawaii,” said Jeff Arce, Senior Advisor to TMG and President of The MacNaughton Group Foundation.  “There is a lot of focus on this issue now thanks to a number of parties who have brought it to the forefront.  Because homelessness is a function of a variety of causes and factors, there need to be multiple solutions to help solve the problem – including increased low-cost housing options, continued economic growth to create jobs, increased and improved social services, and policy setting that focuses on discouraging homelessness while providing compassionate aid.  We applaud the many folks out there trying to help and are pleased to help in our own small way.  We are looking at further ways to help as well.”

“We are thankful for the generous gift from The MacNaughton Group Foundation, which will go a long way toward giving our veterans the support they need to succeed after serving our country,” said Darryl Vincent, Chief Operating Officer of U.S.VETS. “This is a powerful example of a community partner’s investment in developing a workable solution to such a complex issue.  We are humbled to be the recipient of this gift and will be great stewards to assist with reintegrating veterans back in to the community,” remarked Dr. Kim Cook, Executive Director of U.S.VETS – Barber’s Point.

About The MacNaughton Group Foundation

The TMG Foundation, formed in late 2016, is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and plans to support a broad range of charitable projects addressing issues of importance to Hawaii, including homelessness, education, health, arts and culture, and the environment.  It is chaired by Duncan MacNaughton.  Jeff Arce serves as the Foundation Vice Chairman and President, Emily Porter serves as the Foundation Vice President, Russell Kaupu, General Counsel of TMG, serves as the Foundation Secretary, and Nancy Infante, Controller of TMG, serves as the Foundation Treasurer.  Board Members of the Foundation also include Ian MacNaughton, Managing Partner of TMG, Brett MacNaughton, Director of Development & Design of TMG, Todd MacNaughton, Duncan’s eldest son who works and lives on the West Coast, and Eric Tema, also a longtime partner of Duncan’s.


About The MacNaughton Group

The MacNaughton Group is one of the most active real estate development and investment companies in the State of Hawai`i, leveraging over four decades of experience and strong local relationships.  It has demonstrated a track record of success with a cumulative Hawai`i-based portfolio in excess of 8 million square feet.

About U.S.VETS

U.S.VETS is the largest non-profit service provider in the nation that provides comprehensive supportive services to homeless and at-risk veterans and their families.  U.S.VETS currently has 21 residential facilities and 9 service centers in 13 different cities across the country to include the District of Columbia and Territory of Guam.  In Hawai‘i, U.S.VETS is the only veteran specific program in the state that provides these services and has been doing so since 2003.  The site at Barber’s Point serves nearly 850 veteran households every night.


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