U.S.VETS-Barbers Point Awarded Housing First Grant

 In Barbers Point

On June 13, 2012, U.S.VETS-Barbers Point received the exciting news that the State of Hawaii awarded U.S.VETS the Housing First Grant for the year July 2012-June 2013. This award is in the amount of $550,000 for one year. This is the first time this type of funding has been targeted in Hawaii for this model of service delivery (housing first). U.S. VETS was one of two awards that were given to agencies in a highly competitive process. U.S.VETS-Barbers Point will be partnering with Waikiki Care-A-Van to provide permanent supportive services for 24 chronically homeless individuals using the housing first model. We will be targeting those homeless veterans and individuals who have a 5 year history of homelessness in Hawai’i. we are excited to start working with those who have the greatest need of our services and this grant will provide that opportunity.

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