U.S.VETS – Barber’s Point Welcomes Newest Advisory Council Members

 In Barbers Point

U.S.VETS is proud to welcome our newest Advisory Council members. The HAC and AC provide invaluable support to our efforts and make it possible for us to provide the best possible care to our veterans and their family members.


Lance N. Tanaka
Director, Government and Public Affairs
Par Hawaii

Lance Tanaka is director of government and public affairs for the Hawaii subsidiaries of Houston-based Par Pacific Holdings, LLC. Par Hawaii, Inc. markets fuels through a network of Hele- and 76-branded retail locations throughout Hawaii and distributes fuels via pipelines on Oahu and on barges to all major harbors in the state. Proud supporter of Hawaii’s military, Par Hawaii is humbled by the sacrifices that active-duty and retired service personnel have made to ensure the continuation to operate their business. In addition to making their resources available through the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii’s Military Affairs Council and advocating on behalf of the military, Par Hawaii honors Reservists and veterans.

Mr. Tanaka oversees government relations, public and media relations, and community investment for Par Hawaii since September 2013. He began his professional career as a graphic designer upon graduating from college. In 1980, he relocated to Long Beach, California where he directed various communication disciplines during his 14-year career at Douglas Aircraft Company, then the chief subsidiary of the former McDonnell Douglas Corporation. He returned to Hawaii in 1995 and worked for one of the nation’s best-managed banks, Bank of Hawaii Corporation, and Fortune 150 petroleum refining and marketing company, Tesoro Corporation.


Miguel Gonzalez
Catalyst Factor Agency

Miguel Gonzalez brings over 14 years of public relations, political relations, marketing and development related communications experience to Catalyst Factor Agency. He specializes in developing and implementing marketing strategies, and creating and executing communications plans.

Prior to founding Catalyst Factor, he worked as a senior reporter with the Victor Valley Daily Press, the Los Angeles Times and La Opinion newspaper. He was also a correspondent for AP news and the European wire service Agence France-Presse. In addition, Miguel worked for Frontier, a Home Builder 100 company and one of the top builders in California, as the senior public relations manager for three years. His leadership was instrumental in winning two prestigious awards for his marketing and PR team in both categories, Websites and PR Campaigns.

Miguel has always been inspired by the work that veterans do for our country. He is proud to serve as an Advisory Council Member by bringing his public relations background to U.S.VETS.

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