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(left to right) Chris Cano (VUF), Darryl Vincent, Dr. Kim Cook, Tony Dias (VUF) and Radio Personality Rick Hamada

(left to right) Chris Cano (VUF), Darryl Vincent, Dr. Kim Cook, Tony Dias (VUF) and Radio Personality Rick Hamada

Chris Cano and his panel have created a new radio show called The Veterans Movement which focuses on endeavors that relate to enhancing the lives of veterans.  This radio show gave Darryl Vincent, COO, and Dr. Kim Cook, Executive Director for U.S.VETS – Barbers Point, the opportunity to speak about the mission of our program and to highlight our services and expansion. They were both honored to represent U.S.VETS on the Rick Hamada show, recording in the Clear Channel studios. The radio show was hosted by Hawai’i’s very own radio personality, Rick Hamada, and was aired on Saturday March 15, 2014.

Darryl and Kim had the chance to provide insight in to the problem of homelessness amongst the veteran population and allowed them to speak about how we have expanded into homeless prevention through SSVF, Supportive Services to Veterans Families. SSVF offers temporary assistance to at-risk, low-income families in an effort to keep them from becoming homeless or to intervene rapidly once a veteran becomes homeless.

Bernadette Baraquio–Hamada and Dr. Kim Cook

Bernadette Baraquio–Hamada and Dr. Kim Cook

On Wednesday, March 19th, Dr. Kim Cook had another opportunity to talk about the work of U.S.VETS when she was invited by Veterans United Foundation to be interviewed by local TV personality, Mrs. Bernadette Baraquio – Hamada, on the LIVING LOCAL with the Baraquios show. Celebrating nearly 10 years and more than 200 episodes of broadcast excellence, LIVING LOCAL’s mission is to entertain, educate, inform and inspire through visual, meaningful and compelling stories.

It was with gratitude that Dr. Cook discussed the impact that Veterans United Foundation has had on the U.S.VETS organization. Dr. Cook highlighted that the Veterans United Foundation have not only been vital contributors as donors, but partners in the fight to end homelessness. With their support U.S.VETS – Barber’s Point has been able to continuing providing services to it’s veterans including hot meals, a safe home, and job training. Donating to U.S.VETS helps us carry on our mission to service homeless military veterans and their families. Just one day’s worth of gasoline, used to shuttle veterans to and from the VA Hospital cost $100. Once a veteran gains employment, a bus pass is used to get to and from work cost $60. To serve meals to veterans at our facility cost $1,200 per day. Dr. Cook was able to share these examples during her interview, which are just some of the ways our donors support help our nation’s heroes get back on their feet.

Mark your calendars to watch the interview air during Military Appreciation month on Sunday, May 25th at 9:00 PM (HST) on KFVE Channel 5.


Edited April 14, 2014: The Veterans United Foundation is not affiliated with “The Veterans Movement” radio show. We apologize for any confusion.

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