Veterans Day at U.S.VETS – Inland Empire

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At this year’s Veterans Day ceremony, the City of Moreno Valley honored veterans by proclaiming itself a “Purple Heart City”, dedicated to honoring and aiding recipients of the nation’s first military medal. Residents and staff of U.S.VETS attended the special ceremony.

U.S. Air Force Reserve Brigadier General James L. Melin was the keynote speaker at the event. “For the men and women who are serving today — they’ve gone, they’ve experienced, they’v experienced the pride, the sacrifice, the sense of loss and the camaraderie,” he said, “but when they come home, they try to acclimate themselves into a life as a normal human being… not knowing when the next time they’re going to go is. There’s not that sense of closure. There is no one else in the world who can go out and make things right. There’s no one else in the world who has committed themselves, as a country, to human rights, human dignity, and freedom. And there’s no one else in the world who has the young men and women, now and forever, who have the commitment and the courage and the compassion to go make that happen, when we ask them to,” Melin said. ”All they ask, when they raise their hands and go take care of business for us, is that we wrap our arms around them when we come home. Moreno Valley has always done that, and always will, and we thank you for that.”

The event also paid tribute to Laura Froehlich, who died August 1, 2012. Froehlich provided comfort and comfort food to departing and returning troops who used March Air Reserve Base, where U.S.VETS is located.

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