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Gator and Sawyer, 7.1.13Meet Gator and Sawyer, the first four-footed family members to reside at U.S.VETS – Waianae as members of a veteran household!

Back in February 2011, U.S.VETS – Waianae sponsored an Animal Outreach day. Many homeless families in Hawaii have pets, and during the one-day outreach opportunity U.S.VETS – Waianae was able to provide services and supplies to 53 homeless families on the Leeward Coast of Oahu. The outreach team that day helped 150 dogs, eight cats and two goats!

We are delighted to have Gator and Sawyer join us at U.S.VETS – Waianae. Since the Animal Outreach day, we have been working toward having the furrier members of our residents’ families join them at our site. Having their whole ohana with them will make their transition at U.S.VETS that much more successful.

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  • Corinne Christian

    What a blessing. How do I go about applying for a program like this?

    • U.S.VETS

      Please call our Waianae site at 808.696.6770 for more information, or if you are looking for assistance in a different city please visit our directory to find the contact info for the site nearest you. Thank you!

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