Visit OKRA Charity Saloon in Houston to Help Support U.S.VETS

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When you visit OKRA Charity Bar from now to August 31, U.S.VETS – Houston will receive 100% of the proceeds!

OKRA (Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs) has a mission to support charitable causes in the Houston area. The OKRA Charity Saloon donates 100% of proceeds to a new local nonprofit each month.

Throughout the month of July, patrons were asked to vote on which organization should receive the proceeds during the month of August. Thanks to overwhelming community support, U.S.VETS has won!

From now until the end of the month, whenever you visit OKRA Charity Saloon, you’ll be helping support veterans!

OKRA Charity Saloon
924 Congress Street
Houston, TX 77002

U.S.VETS – Houston will be able to use the proceeds earned to continue providing vital services to veterans in need throughout Houston.

About OKRA

OKRA is “the result of an idea born in 2009 to establish a loose-affiliation among like-minded restaurant and bar owners to pursue charitable community initiatives in the City of Houston, Texas.”

For more information about the organization and the Charity Saloon, please visit

Throughout the month of July, U.S.VETS – Houston supporters, volunteers, and employees visited OKRA Charity Saloon to encourage patrons to vote for U.S.VETS! Check out this great photo gallery documenting their successful efforts!

Special thanks to Chris Shannon, an owner of Underbelly (an OKRA contributor), and Joshua, Goro & Gun owner and OKRA contributor, who donated about 200 lbs. of BBQ meat. During one night of the July campaign, saloon patrons could buy a plate of BBQ, and their payment and voting tickets were given to U.S.VETS. The unsold BBQ was donated to the Midtown Terrace location the next day for our veterans to enjoy.

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